Custom Products

With a 160+ year heritage in manufacturing, ORBIS Corporation is a unique, fresh-thinking and technologically advanced plastics manufacturer. As a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, ORBIS offers expertise in plastic molding. ORBIS’ core strength is the ability to innovate, design and manufacture products for leading companies in a wide range of industries. 

Add innovation to your packaging system with ORBIS Custom Products. Since each packaging application is different, ORBIS offers the capability to custom design products to meet your specific packaging needs. From concept to production, ORBIS offers a broad range of design, process and material capabilities that result in cost-effective solutions that meet your demanding packaging requirements. To meet your unique needs, ORBIS specializes in custom plastic corrugated containers, Cut-N-Weld® Containers, thermoformed containers and trays, custom pallets and fabricated bulk containers.  


In addition, ORBIS also offers Custom Molding capabilities. ORBIS’ 5-point plan is proven process designed to drive value with today’s world class companies, from mold evaluation to final delivery.   
  • Mold Evaluation: Let our engineers evaluate your mold. We will do a complete analysis on the core, cavity, hot runner systems, thermal couples, hoses, sprue-busing, nozzle heaters, pins and more. A mold in peak operation condition will always produce the highest quality parts at the lowest cost.
  • Material Evaluation: With millions of pounds of resign purchased annually, ORBIS has tremendous purchasing power and has strong relationships with global resin suppliers. Let ORBIS evaluate same specification and alternative resin for your part that can help improve manufacturability, reduce your costs or improve quality. We will test these materials with your mold and compare results against what you are currently receiving.
  • Machine evaluation: We will test your mold in our state-of-the-art presses to determine the optimum machine requirements for your specific part.
  • Quality Evaluation: Our quality managers will evaluate your quality requirements to determine if other areas should be addressed. We often exceed customer quality requirements through improved material sourcing and molding procedures.
  • Robotics: We have invested in advanced robotics for high-volume production runs. The use of robotics reduces manufacturing costs and ultimately part price.

For more information about ORBIS' custom product development or custom molding capabilities, please contact ORBIS today.


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