ORBIShield® Dunnage

New! ORBIS Corporation is proud to announce the re-branding of its entire line of protective dunnage as ORBIShield®. The full suite of dunnage products and solutions from ORBIS will now be available under one, comprehensive brand name. 

ORBIShield® protect valuable parts from damage during transport, assembly and storage. ORBIShield is custom designed and constructed with durability in mind. Using a variety of foam, sheet and fabric materials, ORBIS will provide the level of protection you require for your application. ORBIS' team of Sales Engineers uses a simple 5-step approach to design dunnage for a wide variety of containers and systems, including bulk containers, hand-held containers, racks, pallets and custom containers.

Popular dunnage designs include custom die-cut plastic corrugated divider sets, saw-cut foam inserts, pigeon hole dunnage, custom thermorformed trays, sewn fabric bags, foam rails and molded foam inserts. Leading companies have relied on ORBIS to design protective dunnage that offers:

>Part protection, separation and orientation; Class-A part protection, cushioning support and shock and vibration protection
>Safe and ergonomic part presentation
>Better pack density

Want to get started? Inquire about ORBIShield Dunnage here.

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