ORBIShield Design Process/Sales Engineers

With the ORBIShield® brand of dunnage, our Design and Sales Engineers work closely with customers to analyze their system and design Dunnage_Design.jpgdunnage to meet their requirements. ORBIS engineers provide technical expertise, design experience, personalized service, immediate design feedback, expedited prototyping and seamless implementation. ORBIS is fully integrated to provide customers with a complete working system of pallets, containers and custom dunnage to meet any reusable packaging need.

Sales Engineers are experts in packaging, materials planning and technical design. ORBIS' team of Sales Engineers uses a simple 5-step approach to design dunnage for a wide variety of containers and systems, including bulk containers, hand-held containers, racks, pallets and custom containers. Sales Engineers anaylze your application, design/recommend an ORBIShield dunnage solution, provide a quotation, fabricate a prototype. Upon approval with a purchase order, dunnage goes into production.  ORBIS uses an easy 5-step design approach to ensure that their dunnage solutions meet customers’ needs:

1. Concept: ORBIS assesses the customers’ needs, documents design requirements and discusses possible solutions. ORBIS utilizes 3D part math data, along with translation software and 3D CAD design software to develop an initial design concept for customer review. Web-based collaborative tools are used to accelerate the design process.

2. Design: Using this information, ORBIS designs and presents a solution to the customer. While designing, ORBIS engineers select the best material and manufacturing processes to create the most cost-effective solution that offers maximum product protection. Upon customer approval of the design, ORBIS creates a detailed quotation.

3. Quotation: ORBIS’ quotations outline price, tooling requirements and terms and conditions.

4. Prototype: Prototypes are assembled and checked against design drawings to ensure accuracy. Prototype approval allows production to start upon receipt of purchase order. ORBIShield designs are CAD-based, which provides the ability to create prototypes exactly as they are designed.

5. Evolve: As customers’ packaging needs change, ORBIS continues to support these new applications with innovative designs and material offerings.

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