COVID-19 Response

As we all attempt to navigate this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, ORBIS plays a vital role in the supply chain with reusable and sustainable packaging products that move and protect goods, from manufacturing plants to retail. We are committed to serving our customers during these challenging times.

The Department of Homeland Security published guidelines for determining which businesses are essential during times of crisis. Our business fits the definition of an essential business in both the Food and Agriculture and the Transportation and Logistics sections. Simply stated, this classification means that the work we do and the products we produce are critical to the supply chain. 

What does this mean for our customers, employees and the community?

-Supply Chain Reliability and Confidence - As a company in a critical infrastructure industry, we take pride in our responsibility to ensure business operations continue and supply chains thrive. As federal, state or local governments put restrictions in place, our business continued to operate and support our valued customers.

-Employee Well-Being is our Priority - Across our business, ORBIS is exercising aggressive preventive actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with the directives of federal, state and local authorities.

-Commitment to the Community - We were proud to be responding to PPE needs in our communities with mask, face shield and gown production.

ORBIS associates are working hard each day to serve our retail, food, beverage, personal goods, automotive and pharmaceutical customers during this challenging time. Our products are proudly manufactured at plants across North American where our associates are dedicated to supporting our customers' business.