Enterprise Excellence

Enterprise ExcellenceGetting Better at Being the Best

Enterprise Excellence is ORBIS’ Lean model.  ORBIS is applying Lean tools and concepts and involving people at all levels of the organization, from the President to the front-line operator to build a Continuous Improvement culture.

Lean is an operational strategy and a set of tools developed to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value added steps in all business processes.

Our Continuous Improvement culture relies on alignment of the entire organization to our overall business objectives. This includes delivering the ORBIS Value Proposition to our customers, meeting our corporate growth targets, and creating a true employee engaged continuous improvement culture to support those goals.

We realize that it takes a balanced approach with focus on both people and process to make improvements.  Simple application of a lean tool can certainly improve a process, but it takes transformed people to sustain the improvements and uphold a continuous improvement environment.

Central to all this is a Problem Solving Culture, built around the principles of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act)--a proven scientific method for making improvements.  In addition, we always look across the entire value stream to understand where opportunities are, and always consider how any one piece fits into the whole.

With ORBIS Enterprise Excellence, improvement opportunities are identified in all aspects of the business, including manufacturing, finance, purchasing, engineering, customer support and sales. While traditionally thought of as an improvement approach solely used in manufacturing applications, ORBIS is leveraging this Lean philosophy across all of its functions, the entire enterprise.

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