Food Manufacturing

Today’s food manufacturers are focused on labor efficiency, cleanliness and sustainability. They are seeking ways to be more efficient, while continuing to innovate and offer new products to today’s savvy consumer.

  • Labor utilization – The need to optimize labor is driving the need for automation. As plants install more and more automation, the packaging used to move product must be dimensional consistent for reliable performance.  
  • Cleanliness – Keeping plants and equipment clean and free of debris is critical. Making the switch away from fiber-corrugated cases eliminates dust, while implementing plastic pallets prevents downtime due to wood chips lodging in equipment. Furthermore, reusables are fully cleanable and often offer ventilated walls and open decks for easy cleaning and fast drying. 
  • Sustainability  – Caring for the environment is paramount to today’s leading food brands. Their ability to reduce waste and their overall impact on the planet drives operational efficiency and brand loyalty with their consumer base. 

Reusable packaging easily integrates with all types of material handling and automated equipment to drive efficiency for today’s food plants.  Many products offer the ability to be tracked within the supply chain, so ORBIS offers a variety of track and trace options. ORBIS offers a full portfolio of reusable pallets, totes and bulk packaging to move and store goods in the food supply chain.

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