Protective Dunnage

Today’s industrial, automotive, appliance, construction equipment and heavy truck manufacturers and suppliers are expanding their global supply chain and recognize that an effective reusable packaging system can reduce costs, drive sustainability and optimize their supply chain. 

ORBIS protective dunnage is custom designed for each part and application to optimize pack density and ensure part quality. Choose from plastic corrugated divider sets, foam packs, part cradles, molded foam, fabric bags and foam/plastic corrugated assembly sets to protect your product throughout the supply chain. Dunnage can be easily installed in ORBIS hand-held totes or bulk containers. 

Reusable packaging experts from ORBIS Corporation offer tremendous industry, product and application knowledge to help companies implement these systems. ORBIS packaging professionals analyze a single operation or entire supply chain to identify areas where plastic reusable packaging will make a positive impact. After proving the savings, ORBIS helps companies design, test and implement plastic container programs. ORBIS understands that new product launches, quality improvements, changing production processes and new labor practices may require new and innovative packaging. 

With decades of expertise serving the industrial marketplace, ORBIS works closely with its customers to identify their needs and implement a packaging program that meets their unique needs.