ORBIS Europe To Showcase Sustainable and Reusable Transport Packaging at FachPack 2022

ORBIS Europe To Showcase Sustainable and Reusable Transport Packaging at FachPack 2022


See the Latest in Reusables from ORBIS Europe at FachPack 2022
Hürth, Germany, July 5th, 2022 – At this year’s FachPack, ORBIS Europe is presenting sustainable and durable transport packaging solutions for different industries (September 27th-29th in Nuremberg, hall 6, booth 316). That includes PlastiCorr®, the first reusable brown box replacement for automated packaging lines as well as plastic pallets in a new design for the food and beverage industry. More show highlights are the UN-certified dangerous goods boxes IonPak® and foldable large containers (FLCs) such as the GitterPak® and XXLPaks for automotive and industrial applications.

“Sustainability has become an important part of today’s supply chains. Reusable transport packaging follows the circular economy concept – in manufacturing, use and recycling. By making the switch to reusables, companies can reduce their environmental impact significantly. We will highlight all that at our FachPack booth“, says Christian Hemming, Technical Director EMEA at ORBIS Europe.

Sustainable Brown Box Replacement
The PlastiCorr® reusable plastic box is a direct replacement for corrugated fibre boxes with identical functionality and enhanced features. This sustainable solution works seamlessly with existing automated packaging lines and is ideal for food, beverage and FMCG applications. When compared to conventional single-use boxes, the patented design of PlastiCorr® allows the plastic boxes to be reused over 70 times. In that way, companies reduce water and energy consumption, the amount of solid waste as well long-term costs.

Security and Cleanliness with Plastic Pallets
In the area of food and beverage transportation, ORBIS showcases two of its reusable plastic pallets in a new design: the German Pallet (1180 x 1265 mm) and the Spanish Pallet (1120 x 1420 mm). Both are designed to convey rigid packaging, such as glass and plastic bottles or aluminium and steel cans in a secure way. The new flow through hygienic design allows for improved automated and manual washing. At the same time, the pallets’ two-piece snap-fit design with double wall thickness pallets blocks makes them more durable to handling impacts. These pallets can be combined with layer pads and top frames to create secure, stable unit loads for transport.

Transporting dangerous goods safely and sustainably
The dangerous goods container IonPak® is UN-approved to transport solid dangerous goods (Packing Group II), such as lithium-ion batteries, and certified in accordance with RID/ADR (UN4H2/UN50H). The customised packaging consists of a robust foldable large container with European standard footprints (1200 x 800 / 1200 x 1000 / 1600 x 1200 mm) and a custom inner packaging solution optimised to protect dangerous goods. At the booth, ORBIS will feature a customer version of the IonPak®.

Protecting large and heavy parts during transportation
For use in automotive and other manufacturing industries, ORBIS is showcasing the foldable large containers (FLC) GitterPak® and XXLPaks. With a 900 kg weight capacity and a European standard footprint of 1200 x 800 mm, the GitterPak® is a sustainable, rust-free and foldable alternative to steel gitterboxes. The robust wall design allows for secure stacking of containers (1+5 static, 1+2 dynamic). The XXLPak containers in extended length are designed to transport even long and hard-to-fit components. The inch footprints are compatible with European standard footprints (approx. 1600 x 1200 mm / 2000 x 1200 mm). All FLCs are manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) using a structural foam-moulding process for increased durability.

If interested in visiting the ORBIS booth and speaking with one of our experts, please contact ORBIS Europe, Lara Cordes, Phone: +49 2233 619 2071, Lara.Cordes@orbiscorporation.com 

About ORBIS Europe:
ORBIS Europe engineers and manufactures durable and sustainable transport packaging solutions. The foldable large containers (FLCs), pallets and small load carriers are produced from recyclable and (partly) recycled plastics. Customised and standard solutions help streamline product flow along the entire supply chain. Therefore, companies from different industries, like industrial, automotive and FMCG, profit from long-term cost savings and CO2 reduction.
ORBIS Corporation, headquartered in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (USA), is part of Menasha Corporation in Neenah, Wisconsin (USA). Menasha is one of the oldest family-owned manufacturers in the United States (since 1849) and employs more than 6.000 employees at locations throughout Europe, the US, Mexico and Canada. With a European presence since 2002, ORBIS Europe represents its parent company in the EMEA region since 2016. In Germany, the ORBIS GmbH is located in Hürth, near Cologne.