ORBIS Introduces GEN250 Seed Bin

ORBIS Introduces GEN250 Seed Bin


ORBIS Gen250 Allows 50% More Bins Per Return Shipment
Oconomowoc, Wis. - ORBIS Corporation has launched the GEN250®  offers new features for unprecedented seed box performance, in the field and off. The new GEN250® seed box offers a robust, rigid design with the same seed capacity, plus features for a more efficient and easy-to-use packaging solution for the agriculture industry’s seed needs.

The fully reusable GEN250 will cut freight costs, interface seamlessly with your existing fleet of seed boxes and provide system-wide improvements in maintenance and handling. Its streamlined bin design holds the same seed volume, but offers a better truckload efficiency that allows for 50% more empty bins per return trip.

Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, GEN250 is built for a long service life and environmentally friendly seed handling. The containers collapse and stack securely together, minimizing storage needs and increasing transportation efficiency.

The GEN250 is 100 percent stack-and-nest compatible with existing containers, allowing for the full integration of a two-brand supply. It interfaces with today’s seed tenders and is forklift and pallet jack compatible.

For additional information, please download GEN250 - Inspiring Innovation in Seed Handling.