ORBIS Offers Fully Recyclable Lite Foam™ Dunnage for Lightweight Part Shipments

ORBIS Offers Fully Recyclable Lite Foam™ Dunnage for Lightweight Part Shipments


ORBIS Offers Fully Recyclable Lite Foam™ Dunnage for Lightweight Part Shipments
ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, adds Lite Foam™ to its dunnage material offerings to protect lightweight parts during transit, assembly and storage. Composed of extruded polypropylene, Lite Foam’s uniform strength eliminates the ribbing effect seen in other lightweight dunnage materials. This material is also completely recyclable at the end of its useful life, building on ORBIS’ commitment to supply chain sustainability. 

The design versatility of Lite Foam allows for multi-application use and is ideal for divider sets in handheld totes, lightweight containers, and interiors for lightweight or smaller parts. It’s also available in ESD conductive grades, making Lite Foam optimal for the automotive supply chain. Made for easy handling, Lite Foam is also a non-abrasive material that offers class A protection to ensure quality part protection. Lastly, the closed-cell material ensures an ergonomic solution, resulting in improved workplace safety. 

“ORBIShield dunnage provides our customers with the superior level of part protection they need, while offering the supply chain sustainability benefit they want,” said Kacie Freeberg, Custom market manager at ORBIS Corporation. “Custom-designed and constructed with durability and sustainability in mind, Lite Foam is a welcome addition to the state-of-the-art dunnage materials we offer our customers.”

For additional Class A protection for sensitive or painted parts, this material can be laminated with Spuntex. Its higher strength consistency offers uniform strength among a broad range of sizes from 1mm-5mm. 

Lite Foam is part of ORBIShield®, ORBIS’ custom protective dunnage line that protects parts during transit, assembly and storage. Using a variety of foam, rigid and fabric materials, ORBIShield dunnage is designed to protect unique vehicle parts. Examples include divider sets, hanging bags, foam packs, inserts or stand-alone packaging. Beyond protecting products at every stage of the supply chain, dunnage also helps to improve pack density. The long-term implementation of ORBIShield dunnage will improve inventory control by maintaining consistent quantities in each container and optimizes lineside efficiency by facilitating removal of handling parts.  

For more information on this material and other protective dunnage solutions from the ORBIShield line, please visit https://www.orbiscorporation.com/en-us/products/protective-dunnage#.YC_1Zs9KiLJ 

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