Cut-N-Weld™ Technology

Add length, width or height to an existing StakPak to create a durable, reusable container to fit your application.Cut-N-Weld-StakPak.jpg A Cut-N-Weld StakPak offers the strength of injection molding and a short lead time, while eliminating the tooling costs associated with a custom order. Multiple identification options available.

> Optional handholes with or without plastic inserts
> Pocket handles for comfort and safety
> Extended length pallets available for Cut-N-Weld StakPaks include 45 x 54, -56, -58 and -60 CISS Pallet or the 48 x 57, -60 and -62 MI CISS Pallet


Length, width or height can also be added to any existing ORBIS BulkPak Containers. Containers can be welded or bolted to create custom sizes to hold a variety of parts. Because each application is different, ORBIS offers custom Cut-N-Weld BulkPaks that allow any standard BulkPak container to be modified to the exact dimensions needed for your application. They are ideal for transporting or storing large parts in reusable packaging and work-in-process applications. We will work closely with you to provide a bulk container that will meet the unique needs of your application.

> Welded seams for easy and safe handling
> Multiple access door configurations possible
> Collapsible or fixed-wall styles available

ORBIS' innovative hot-plate technology creates strong bonds for container durability. It enables smooth inside surfaces, with no sharp edges or extrusions to damage product. The smooth inside welds create an easy fit for ORBIS custom protective dunnage.