Nestable Plastic Pallets

ORBIS nestable pallets move, store and distribute product loads within a single warehouse/distribution center or entire supply chain. From raw material to finished goods, plastic pallets protect product until it reaches its final destination.When empty, these pallets nest for a cost-efficient return trip or warehouse storage. Plastic pallets offer an economic, environmental and efficient alternative to wood pallets or skids.

Reusable pallets offer a long service life, contoured surfaces, superior recyclability and nest ratios up to 4.0:1. Their dimensional consistency ensures effortless interface with all types of high-speed automation, conveyor systems and material handling equipment.

“I have had excellent results dealing with ORBIS and able to get good information in regards to our needs.” – Jim McCormick, ADM Barbados Mills

ORBIS’ 100% recyclable pallets, available in footprints from 20” x 28” to 48” x 72”, are lightweight and easy to manually handle, with no nails, splinters or broken boards to risk employee injury. At the end of their service life, plastic pallets can be recycled and reprocessed into other useful product.

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