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Products for E-Commerce Distribution Centers

Growth of the e-commerce channel is rapidly outpacing the traditional retail channel. New challenges are placed on companies to find a more efficient way to handle e-commerce orders. Many companies are challenged with integrating these orders into a model that has been setup for direct-to-store, while some are developing e-commerce specific facilities.

ORBIS is an industry leader in the reusable packaging market and manufactures a wide variety of durable, plastic solutions that keep warehouses organized, maximize space and are engineered for easy handling. ORBIS’ plastic solutions are optimized for automation and used with a variety of automated technology systems. In addition, plastic solutions support sustainability efforts by reducing wood pallets and single-use corrugated box usage.

Reusables are ideal for all aspects of the e-commerce fulfillment process, including de-trashing, product storage, pick to order, outbound shipping and returns. ORBIS offers a portfolio of plastic reusable totes, pallets and bulk containers for e-commerce distribution centers.

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Overview of ORBIS Solutions for E-commerce - Distribution Centers

Overview of ORBIS Solutions for E-commerce - In-Store Operations (BOPIS)