Seamless Integration & Consolidation

ORBIS is the industry’s most comprehensive single-source provider for entire systems of containers, pallets, metal racks, bulk containers and protective dunnage. Custom-designed and constructed with durability in mind,  ORBIShield  dunnage provides the superior level of part protection required during transit, assembly and storage.

ORBIS is the industry's only single-source provider of totes, bulk containers, pallets and protective dunnage to protect parts and components throughout the entire supply chain. ORBIS is fully integrated to provide customers with a complete working system of containers, pallets and custom dunnage to meet any reusable packaging need. ORBIS offers:

  • StakPak or Hand-Held Folding Totes that create efficient unit loads for part shipments
  • Standard AIAG Plastic Pallets, from 32" x 30" to 45" x 48" 
  • The largest line of BulkPak containers, from 32" x 30" to 78" x 48"
  • ORBIS Metal Solutions, custom designed for each unique application

As a result, ORBIS provides total control over the manufacturing processes of both the container and ORBIShield dunnage to ensure the proper integration of the entire system.

ORBIS’ ISO-certified facilities offer a variety of processes and equipment to cost-efficiently manufacture dunnage to meet your specified design requirements. Dunnage assembly and fabrication takes place at ORBIS by experienced staff for the timely delivery of entire systems of containers, dunnage and pallets. ORBIS integrates and consolidates dunnage, containers and pallets so you receive launch-ready packaging.

Rely on ORBIS to understand your business, analyze your supply chain, determine your protection requirements and design the best dunnage to provide superior part protection.