Environmental Commitment

As a steward of sustainability, ORBIS is committed to a better world for future generations. ORBIS Corporation is committed to improving the environment in three important ways: 

  • The successful implementation of reusable packaging systems for world-class companies. ORBIS products are designed for reuse and can reduce the the environmental impact on a given supply chain. With ORBIS products and services, our customers improve their impact on the environment.
  • The adoption of the ORBIS environmental brand of bins and carts by municipalities and haulers. For decades, these products have helped communities meet their recycling and waste diversion goals.
  •  Continuously monitoring our own environmental impact. We track and measure our own resource utilization to conserve natural resources and reduce waste. We establish objectives and targets to drive continual improvement in the environmental results of our operations. We prevent pollution and ensure regulatory compliance in our daily activities.
We are passionate about helping our customers drive their sustainability each and every day to improve their business. Contact us today to learn more.