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ORBIS Introduces First Ever 30" x 16" Bulktote with 4-Way Fork Truck Entry

ORBIS Introduces First Ever 30" x 16" Bulktote with 4-Way Fork Truck Entry


New Offering Will Reduce Nearly Half of Assembly Line Space 
ORBIS Corporation has introduced the first BulkTote of its size to offer fork truck entry on all sides for easier handling and versatile line-side part delivery. This will allow companies to present double the amount of SKUs and reduce nearly half of all line-side space, driving efficiency and increased sustainability within their supply chain.

Traditionally, the internal capacity of handheld and collapsible bulk containers had a tendency to be underutilized when holding heavy, dense parts due to high weight loads or slower turning SKUs. Smaller hand-held totes and wire baskets wouldn’t always have the weight capacity to hold heavier loads of metal stamped parts. These totes would also need to be palletized, moved with a forklift and would be difficult to manage. Meanwhile, heavy/dense parts like metal stampings and gears would underutilize the heavy-duty larger bulk containers, so significant vertical space was being unused.

ORBIS recognized the need for a simple bulk solution that changes how companies approach filling out product on the assembly line, and minimize the amount of space taken up.

“Our new 30” x 16” BulkTote adds efficiency to line-side presentation of heavy, dense parts,” said Alex Hempel, product manager - BulkPak. “With the ability to present its shorter side to the line, it will reduce line-side space to nearly half while delivering the same amount of product to the line or doubling the amount of SKUs in the previous 32” x 30” line-side footprint.”

Designed to hold up to 500 lbs, the BulkTote replaces wire baskets, steel tubs or wood/corrugated packaging with a fully reusable handling solution, and was built for long-lasting durability in heavy-duty applications. The unique fork opening at the top of the container offers the ability to safely present the short side to the assembly line. With the 16” side facing the line, more containers can be fit on the line, resulting in efficient utilization of space and a safer environment for workers.

Weighing just less than 30 pounds when empty, the BulkTote is also easy to handle manually. Its unique stacking ridge allows for secure nesting when stacking and unlike wire baskets, the BulkTote’s all-plastic, smooth interior design will not rust or damage parts and is cleanable.

The BulkTote is structural foam molded in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for a long service life, and can be fully recycled at the end of its life. Additionally, all ORBIS bulk containers can be fitted with custom protective ORBIShield™ dunnage, to ensure product inside is moved safely throughout the supply chain.

With more than 25 years serving the industrial and automotive industries, and with manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Mexico, leading OEMs and suppliers have come to rely on ORBIS to provide the most diverse packaging solutions and versatile materials available in the marketplace. The 30” x 16” BulkTote provides these customers with an innovative solution to move product faster, safer, and more cost-effectively within their supply chains, while helping reduce overall impact on the environment.
Interested to learn how the BulkTote could help improve your supply chain’s overall sustainability, while ensuring efficiency in your line-side processes? Inquire here.