Visit ORBIS at MODEX 2018 to see the latest in reusable packaging

Visit ORBIS at MODEX 2018 to see the latest in reusable packaging


At MODEX 2018, ORBIS Featuring Plastic vs. Wood Pallet Life-Cycle Analysis 


OCONOMOWOC, Wis., USA – April 9, 2018 – ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, is helping attendees refine their pallets at MODEX 2018. At its booth, ORBIS is hosting an exclusive “Refine Your Pallet” chocolate tasting while showcasing the benefits of reusable plastic pallets compared with wood, including the results of its latest pallet analysis. ORBIS and its experts are at Booth B3735 during the show, April 9-12, in Atlanta.

“ORBIS is going to new lengths to educate customers on plastic pallet benefits. We worked with researchers from the Virginia Tech Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design to test the life span of wood and plastic pallets,” said Ryan Roessler, plastic pallets product manager for ORBIS. “The analysis included inspection of the pallets after they underwent a 10-step handling sequence. In the end, the plastic pallet completed up to 200 sequences without failure and, on average, the wood pallet completed approximately 11.”

Plastic pallets are designed for regulated and transparent supply chains, with their all-plastic, nonporous surface that prevents absorption of foreign particles and contaminants. They also will not warp, shed debris, and expose splinters or nails to interfere with high-speed automated systems. To further reduce supply chain risk, many ORBIS 40x48-inch pallets feature Proliant, ORBIS’ new Factory Mutual (FM)-approved and FDA-compliant fire-retardant plastic material.

In addition to plastic pallets, the ORBIS booth is showcasing a variety of other reusable packaging solutions, including:

Custom Packaging

ORBIS will feature its variety of ORBIShield® dunnage solutions for totes and bulk containers. Experts will be available to speak about ORBIS’ recentacquisition of Response Packaging, as well as the new ORBIShield Innovation Center in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Picking totes for e-commerce

E-commerce retail sales are growing at double-digit rates each year and are expected to hit $4 trillion by 2020. This means picking, fulfillment and distribution are changing rapidly. ORBIS offers a family of all-plastic totes that work in all types of picking environments, from manual to highly automated.

Totes for automation

ORBIS’ series of totes designed for automated systems are available at ORBIS' booth. Dimensionally consistent for seamless integration with today’s high-speed systems, these totes are made in a variety of footprints and often customized to meet system requirements.

43x30 small-format pallets

Brick-and-mortar stores are downsizing, so backroom storage space is limited, and aisles and doors are very narrow. As a result, these stores need smaller-format pallets that can easily fit through tight spaces. Small-scale stores require fewer products per delivery, as well as more frequent and just-in-time deliveries. ORBIS’ small-format pallets are designed for these delivery needs, enabling vertically efficient unit loads, optimizing delivery truck space and speeding up merchandising.

800mm x 600mm (32inx23in) Pally®

One-touch handling is important for today’s retailers, to reduce unload time and accelerate replenishment. The ability to move product from the distribution center (DC) to the retail aisle, without repacking, is critical. The Pally converts from a mobile to static pallet — a feature not offered with wood pallets — with one press of its pedal so product can be rolled from the DC to the truck to the aisle or backroom without down-stacking. The Pally even can serve as an in-aisle, shopper-ready endcap or point-of-purchase display. It also supports online grocery order fulfillment and staging for retailers.

HDMP4845 BulkPak® Container

The HDMP4845 is the latest bulk container series to join the BulkPak® line. It allows two additional positions per a 53-foot truck (28 total), while maintaining the internal capacity of a standard 45x48 bulk container. This series makes deliveries more productive and cost-effective by maximizing truck space. An inbound truckload can carry 84 filled HDMP4845 containers, and a return truckload can transport 252 collapsed HDMP4845 containers, versus the standard 208 bins per return truckload with other varieties.

ORBIS experts are presenting at the following MODEX sessions:

· Monday, April 9, at 11:15 a.m. — Choosing the Right Pallet to Ensure a Clean and Safe Supply Chain

o Ryan Roessler, ORBIS product manager

· Monday, April 9 at 3 p.m. — How to Calculate the Environmental Savings from Reusable Packaging

o Chris Shepard, ORBIS digital marketing manager

Visit ORBIS at MODEX Booth B3735 to learn more, or go to

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