2019 ORBIS Product Selection Guide  (108 pages, 8 MB)
See the very latest products from ORBIS Corporation! View in-depth information about ORBIS products and services. This full-color, 108-page catalog is organized by product and offers detailed product specifications for ORBIS totes/trays/containers, pallets, bulk packaging systems and our expanded custom packaging capabilities. NOTE: ORBIS reserves the right to change product specifications without notice. Dimensions are approximate and may vary. Please note that product specifications shown on the product pages of this web site are the most current and accurate and may differ from the published product specifications reflected in the printed ORBIS Product Selection Guide or electronic versions thereof. Please refer to the web site for the most accurate product data.

Menasha Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSRR)
Menasha Corporation, ORBIS Corporation's parent company, has published its 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. The report focuses on the company’s three-tiered approach to sustainability by increasing economic value, demonstrating social responsibility and enhancing environmental stewardship. This report outlines ORBIS' 2018 sustainability accomplishments.

UPDATED ORBIS Capabilities Brochure (1MB)
Download this multi-panel brochure with information about ORBIS Corporation, an introduction to reusable packaging, how reusable packaging drives sustainability, ORBIS' market expertise and a summary of ORBIS services. 

White Paper:  Reusable Packaging Delivers High Value to the Dynamic Retail Supply Chain
With today’s supply chains moving at digital speed, retailers need robust, flexible solutions that help warehouse, DC and storefront operations overcome unprecedented customer service pressures. In this paper, we explore the key challenges that firms are facing in today’s dynamic supply chain environment, outline four important trends that all companies should be watching, and then highlight the role that reusable packaging plays in helping firms overcome the ever-mounting pressures.

White Paper:  How Electrification Impacts Reusable Packaging in North America
A renaissance in electric vehicle ownership and usage is driving more OEMs and part suppliers to reconsider the way they package and ship a wide variety of electric and electrified components.As today's automotive industry increases electric vehicle production, part packaging is changing. Download this paper to understand the latest trends and it impacts your reusable packaging decisions.

White Paper: Using Reusable Packaging to Optimize Your Supply Chain
Considering reusable packaging? Learn how reusable plastic containers and pallets can reduce costs, drive supply chain efficiency and improve sustainability. 

White Paper: Using Reusable Packaging to Go Lean
Using lean to add efficiency to your operation? Learn how reusable plastic packaging will support your efforts. See how reusables can add line-side efficiency, decrease walk-time and enhance work cell operations. 

White Paper: Using Reusable Packaging to Go Green
Seeking to improve your sustainability scorecard/performance? Learn how reusable plastic packaging can help your company reduce its impact on the environment through re-use of packaging to move your product.

ORBIS Preferred Colors (1MB)
Download the ORBIS referred colors guide for both structural foam and high pressure products.

ORBIS Brand Standards (3MB)
Download the ORBIS Brand Standards guide.