New, reusable bulk container offers increased shipping efficiencies and storage optimization across
various industries

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. — February 21, 2024 — ORBIS® Corporation, an international leader in reusable
packaging, adds a new pallet, top cap and reusable sleeve system to its suite of economical and
collapsible plastic bulk solutions with the OpteBulk™ 48×45 series. This new addition enhances
sustainability, transportation and cost-saving benefits with a total of 28 positions per 53’ trailer, setting it
apart from other 48×45 sleevepacks currently in the market by having two more positions. Maximizing
truckload space not only reduces shipping costs, but also reduces emissions due to fewer return trips.

The OpteBulk is a unit load system, with the ability to stack multiple full containers and collapse empty
containers to save valuable space in a wide variety of applications, including the efficient storage and
distribution of product within the industrial, electric vehicle and tier supplier industries.

The sleeve is manufactured from a trilaminate-structured core plastic with bidirectional strength, offering
additional protection during transport. With rounded top edges, the sleeve not only minimizes potential
injury due to sharp, worn edges but adds durability to the system’s overall structure.

ORBIS’ clamshell design allows all three components to be kitted for reverse logistics with the sleeve
folding into the pallet envelope and top cap unitizing. This feature offers unparalleled dunnage design
versatility, enabling collapsible fabric dunnage solutions. ORBIS OpteBulk systems include active sleeve
locks in both the pallet and top cap to eliminate the need for expendable unitizing packaging.

“Innovation is at the heart of ORBIS, and with the introduction of the OpteBulk 48×45 series, we’re
providing the market with a 28-position solution and securing our position as a leader in the market,” said
Mike Ludka, senior product manager at ORBIS. “We remain dedicated to creating reusable packaging
systems that enable our clients to move products faster, better, safer and more cost-effectively along the
supply chain.”

By implementing this system, companies can reduce the environmental waste associated with single-use
fiber corrugated boxes and wood pallets in their supply chain.

Reusable packaging improves the flow of product along the supply chain to reduce total costs. ORBIS
uses proven expertise, industry-leading knowledge and superior products to create reusable packaging
systems that help world-class companies move their products faster, better, safer and more cost
effectively. To learn more about how the OpteBulk portfolio can optimize your supply chain, visit