Dairies produce billions of pounds of fluid milk products every year. Products are distributed to grocery stores, mass merchandisers, convenience stores and schools and have unique requirements.

Trends include:

  • Sustainability – Moving product more sustainably is important to today’s dairy processors 
  • Diversification – Processors are expanding their categories beyond fluid milk, to include yogurt, cheese, etc. 
  • Supply chain efficiency – With volatile raw material costs, processors are looking at their entire supply chain to reduce waste 
  • Delivery and merchandising efficiencies – Retailers are looking to streamline product replenishment and reduce material handling requirements with bulk merchandising solutions.  

With reusable packaging, retailers can reduce unloading time and product touches to quickly move products from the truck to the cooler. Dairies need reusable packaging solutions that streamline production, accelerate distribution processes, and reduce labor touch points. ORBIS offers sustainable packaging for the entire supply chain, from inbound shipments of ingredients to stocking coolers at retail.

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