Fabric & Textile Dunnage

Ensuring part quality thoughout the supply chain is critical to today’s automakers. With ORBIShield fabric dunnage, companies are able to efficiently ship and protect all types of delicate parts in the supply chain, from trim parts to Class A parts. Fabric/textile dunnage is industrial strength and skillfully sewn. Improved pack density is easily achieved with fabric due to its efficient nestability, compared to rigid dunnage. For return trips, fabric fits efficently in the container bottoms to condense loads and reduce freight costs.

PVC Fabric

Polyester fabric coated with liquid PVC. Ideal for molded plastic, metallic and texturized plastic parts. It cleans easily, is ideal for outdoor use, is resistant to liquid and UV and offers anti-dust properties.

Tyvek Dunnage

Continious and very fine non-directional fibers of 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric. Ideal for Class A, molded plastic, painted, metallic and chrome parts. Cleans easily and is moisture resistant.

  • One-sided and two-sided options available.
  • Can be applied to vinyl
  • Standard Color: White/Grey

Brushed Fabric Dunnage

Brushed fabric laminated to PVC backing. Ideal for Class A (except high-gloss), vinyl, leather, painted and chrome parts. Non-abrasive, soft, easy to handle and offers great resistance.

  • One-sided and two-sided options available
  • Two-sided material is laminated to polyester mesh
  • Standard Color: Blue

Headliner Dunnage

Brushed fabric laminated to middle cushioning foam with PVC coated backing. Offers low to mid-impact cushioning protection. Ideal for Class A (except high-gloss), vinyl, leather, painted and chrome parts.

  • One-sided and two-sided options available
  • 16 oz weight
  • Standard Color: Grey

Softshield Dunnage

Soft protective double-fiber vinyl/polyester fabric. Used for fabric divider sets to accommodate oddly shaped or Class A surface parts. Protects parts from scratching and marring. Ideal for work-in-process applications and molded plastic parts. Heat, low temperature and tear resistant.

  • Standard Color: Light Green

Clear PVC with Mesh

PVC coated polyester fabric mesh used as a cover, curtain or back sheet. Provides protection and visibility.

  • Choose from 13 oz. or 30 oz. weights
  • Standard Color: Clear

ProPac 500 Dunnage

Non-woven, point bounded, 100% polypropylene material. Lightweight material ideal for indoor use. Used for Class A parts, molded plastic parts, vinyl and leather components.

  • Standard Color: Grey

PolySilk Dunnage

Soft, non-woven center fabric ideal for extra delicate components, chrome or piano black painted parts. Ideal for soft divider sets or hanging bags for lightweight parts. Benefits include lighter structure, softness, flexibility and strength around lighweight parts.

  • One-sided and two-sided options available
  • Standard Color: Grey

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