Pallet Slip Sheets

Slip sheets provide maximum product protection and load stability for unitized loads of food, beverage and industrial products. When combined with plastic pallets and top frames, an efficient shipping system is created for storage and transport. These reusable plastic Layer Pads are placed between layers of aluminum, steel, glass and plastic cans or bottles used to package food and beverage products. They are also used in many industrial applications to protect items, including printed materials or automotive products.

Slip sheets, commonly called divider or tier sheets. are available in solid and corrugated styles to meet diverse application needs. The non-sloughing, plastic design reduces product contamination that can occur from dust, fiber and splinters found in alternative sheet materials.

  • 100% recyclable divider sheets
  • Popular with our 44 x 56 pallet offerings. Sheets can be produced in additional footprints.
  • Reusable sheets with long service lifeEconomic, environmental and efficient alternative to fiber sheets or corrugated sheets
  • Reduces waste associated with the dispoal of corrugated and solid fiberboard divider sheets
  • Easily cleanable, using ORBIS RPM proprietary cleaning technologies
  • Optional sealed edge now available
  • Customer name and other information can be printed on sheets
  • Custom sizes, corner radius and custom colors are available

To support high-velocity supply chains, slip sheets are also available on a rental basis, through pooling and logistics services, offered by ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management (RPM). Pooling eliminates the upfront investment of purchasing divider sheets. Cleaning, sorting and tracking services are also available. Visit ORBIS – RPM for Beverage for more information.

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