Assisting businesses in the safe transit and safeguarding of components within the supply chain is our area of expertise. ORBIShield® custom-made internal packing materials prevent parts from getting damaged during shipment, assembly, and storage. We ensure our solutions are bespoke, designed with resilience at the forefront. ORBIS leverages a diverse range of processes and materials to deliver the optimal level of protection for your specific needs. We create inventive packing designs for a broad spectrum of containers and systems, encompassing bulk containers, handheld containers, and metal racks.

What Sets ORBIShield Apart?

Helping companies move and protect parts in the supply chain is our specialty. ORBIShield® custom interior dunnage protects parts from damage during transport, assembly and storage. Our solutions are custom designed and constructed with durability in mind. Using a variety of processes and materials, ORBIS provides the best level of protection needed for your unique applications. ORBIS manufactures innovative dunnage designs for a wide variety of containers and systems, such as bulk containers, hand-held containers and metal racks.


Eco-Friendly Dunnage

ORBIShield ECO embodies our dedication to sustainability, crafted to minimize environmental impact without compromising on the quality and efficacy of protective packaging.

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Fabric & Textile Dunnage

With our state-of-the-art industrial sewing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico, ORBIS specializes in fabric/textile dunnage. Fabric dunnage is used to protect Class A surface parts and is intregated into containers, bulk containers and metal racks. 

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Plastic Rigid Dunnage

Rigid plastic corrugated (PCORR) or solid sheets are frequently used in custom divider sets. Sheet material offers rigidity and stability to dunnage packs and has the ability to be laminated, with wrapped or sealed edges, for added part protection.

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Foam Dunnage

In combination with fabric and sheet material, ORBIS offers a variety of foam materials for use in custom dunnage design. Foam is often used for blocking and cushioning.

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Design Considerations

Rely on ORBIS to understand your business, determine your protection requirements and design the best dunnage to provide superior part protection. Throughout the process, ORBIS considers factors including part size, part weight, part orientation, Class A protection requirements, shock sensitivity, pack density, lineside presentation, ergonomics and more.

Leave the Integration to Us

ORBIS is fully integrated, to provide you with a complete working system of containers, pallets, metal racks and custom dunnage to meet any reusable packaging need. Rely on us for integrated packaging that arrives at your facility, ready to pack out.

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Custom Fabrication Locations

With facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico, ORBIS offers design, service and support when and where you need it.

Sustainability is at Our Core

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition has defined critieria for sustainable packaging. To meet sustainability requirements, packaging must meet key criteria. Work with ORBIS to help you drive sustainability with reusable packaging.

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