Metal Racks

ORBIS Custom Metal Racks

ORBIS is dedicated to designing and fabricating reusable metal racks that optimize your supply chain, protect parts and reduce waste. ORBIS offers the largest selection of reusable metal racks for material handling and part shipments that require extreme durability, heavy part handling or Class-A surface protection. ORBIS dunnage is integrated into metal racks for the ultimate in part protection.

Types of Racks

ORBIS custom designs and fabricates a variety of metal racks, including Bag Racks, Collapsible Racks and much more. ORBIS works to understand your business and design the best packaging solution for your application.

Rack Types

Design Considerations

Rely on ORBIS to understand your business, determine your protection requirements and design the best solution to provide superior part protection. Throughout the process, ORBIS considers factors including part size, part weight, part orientation, Class A protection requirements, shock sensitivity, pack density, lineside presentation, ergonomics and more.

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Leave the Integration to Us

Vertical integration of metal fabrication and dunnage manufacturing/installation allows ORBIS to be your single source for custom metal packaging solutions. Dunnage is designed and produced in-house, then integrated into racks. This ensures that your fully integrated solution is seamlessly shipped to your facility, ready to pack out.

Custom Fabrication Locations

With facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico, ORBIS offers design, service and support when and where you need it.

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