Reusable Packaging Management

Improve asset efficiency. Reduce loss.

Sustainability. Reliability. Intelligence.

Accelerate the return on your packaging investment and add efficiency to your supply chain with ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management. Rely on ORBIS RPM to manage your packaging, so you can focus on your core business. 

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Supply Chain Sustainability

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Supply Chain Reliability

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Supply Chain Intelligence

Leave the Management to Us

With a proven track record with leading companies in all kinds of supply chains, from automotive to food to beverage and more, partner with RPM to get the most out of your packaging. 

Packaging Management

ORBIS RPM sorts, inspects, cleans, refurbishes and repairs all types of reusable packaging, from containers to dunnage to metal racks to pallets.​

Asset Management

To get the most out of your packaging assets, ORBIS RPM offers tracking, demand planning, inventory management, reverse logistics and auditing, to keep your supply chain moving.​

Packaging Analytics

ORBIS RPM captures and uses data to make real-time decisions to ensure supply chain reliability and optimum packaging utilization.​​

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It all starts with a supply chain analysis. ORBIS RPM looks at your supply chain holistically to create the best packaging management program for your business.

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Our network of service centers throughout North America  provides  proven infrastructure and rapid onboarding, so you will gainimmediate benefits.

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ORBIS RPM offers sorting, inspection, cleaning refurbishment and repair services, so your packaging maintains integrity at all points in the supply chain.


Rely on ORBIS RPM to manage the reverse logistics and get your packaging back, to optimize utilization throughout the supply chain.


Using the latest  technology, ORBIS RPM tracks your packaging across your supply chain, so you have full visibility to assets.

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Turn to ORBIS RPM to handle demand planning, so you have the right packaging, in the right place at the right time.


Reporting and analytics from ORBIS RPM provides the data you need to make the best decisions possible for your supply chain packaging.


To maximize performance, ORBIS RPM helps you develop KPIs to ensure compliance and continuous improvement.

The Value of Packaging Management

Provides tracking capabilities​

Provides data to make decisions

Maintains packaging inventories

Enables quicker turns/better utilization

Gives visibility to packaging in supply chain

Enables strategic planning

Returns packaging to use

Develops insight into supplier performance

Encourages ongoing optimization

Extends useful life of packaging​

Supports compliance to customer guidelines​

Helps manage overall packaging spend

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