Side-Loading Containers

Custom Side-Loading Bulk Containers from ORBIS

Add versatility with side-loading bulk containers from ORBIS. Most standard ORBIS bulk containers, from 32″ x 30″ to 78″ x 48″, are available in the side-loading Maximus design.

The side-loading Maximus is ideal for delivering sequenced parts to the line. Replace heavy metal transport racks with this durable, one-piece bulk solution to handle and deliver parts to the line faster than ever. Due to advanced engineering, the rugged Maximus can be prototyped and manufactured much more rapidly than traditional metal racks with pigeon hole dunnage, while exhibiting comparable durability.

The side-loading feature improves productivity and reduces worker strain. Maximus containers are ideal for long parts used in the automotive, appliance and transportation equipment industries. Maximus containers reduce labor costs by lowering handling times. The one-piece Maximus can be delivered right to the line for immediate part availability with no unwrapping or unbanding.

Maximus containers enable versatile system integration that offers stacking compatibility with bulk containers and similar pallet systems. These containers prevent product shift or damage from dust /contaminants during transport with multiple closure options, including a heavy-duty vinyl curtain with easy velcro closure.

Side Loading Graphic

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