The heavy-duty HDRS3016-19 BulkTote® is ideal for metal stampings and other heavy, dense components.  Designed to hold 500 lbs, these containers are built for long-lasting durability in heavy-duty applications.  When empty, the HDRS3016-19 BulkTote has the ability to be manually handled without the need of a forklift.

The internal capacity of traditional handheld and collapsible bulk containers can be underutilized when holding heavy, dense parts due to high weight loads or slower turning SKU’s.  With this new smaller profile bulk solution, line side space can be reduced to nearly half while delivering the same amount of product ot the line or doubling the amount of SKU’s in the same 32″ x 30″ line side footprint.  Additionally, custom protective ORBIShield ® dunnage is available for all ORBIS BulkPak containers.

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