Plastic Rigid Dunnage

Plastic corrugated or solid sheets are frequently used in custom divider sets. Sheet material offers rigidity and stability to dunnage packs and has the ability to be laminated, edge sealed or edge stitched for added part protection and ergonomics.

Plastic Corrugated (PCORR) Dunnage

Standard sheets used for divider sets, base pads and other dunnage designs. Sheets can be laminated, edge stitched and edge sealed for added part protection and worker ergonomics.

  • Available in 2-8 mm
  • Standard Color: Black

Tri-Laminate Dunnage

Unique cellular center layer that creates incredible strength for durability. Idea for divider sets for heavy parts packaged in bulk containers or metal racks. Can be laminated for Class A surface protection. Sheets can be edge sealed.

Solid HDPE Dunnage

Solid plastic sheet that helps maximize cube utilization. Ideal for divider sets that require washing.

  • Standard Colors: Black or Natural

Lamination Options

Laminates can be applied to plastic corrugated sheets used in divider sets for added part protection.

  • Can be applied to one or both sides of the substrate sheet
  • Available laminates include Spuntex, Tyvek and Brushed Polyester

Coating Options

Polyurea Coating is available for applications with sharp pointed parts. It offers flexible, tough, monolithic membrane that protectis against moisture, chemicals, acid and sharp points.

Edge Stitching Options

Sheet edges can be wrapped and stitched with Spuntex, PVC, Tyvek and Brushed Polyester. These have the ability to be folded over and stitched, to protect parts from scratching and scuffing during part loading and unloading.

  • Available on sheet thicknesses up to 6 mm.

Edge Sealing Options

Sheets can be edge sealed, across or along the flutes, to create smooth, rounded edges that improve worker safety when loading and unloading parts.

  • Available on 3.5 mm – 10 mm sheets.

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