A more sustainable supply chain starts with integrated reusable packaging.

Take the first step to a more sustainable supply chain and business.

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Take the first step to a more sustainable supply chain and business. ORBIS is here to help.

Steward of Sustainability

As part of the Menasha Corporation, ORBIS Corporation is committed to driving the circular economy. Reusable packaging is good for your supply chain and the planet. And, that’s what consumers expect. 

90% of consumers want companies to do more than turn a profit

75% of consumers expect businesses to support efforts to stop climate change

ORBIS helps you switch from single-use, expendable packaging to fully reusable solutions that reduce waste. So as you move product, you’re working toward a more sustainable world for future generations.  

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innovative products

Innovative Products

ORBIS moves more than product. ORBIS moves the industry forward to keep your supply chain evolving.

supply chain solutions

Solutions for Any Supply Chain

From manufacturing to retail and beyond, ORBIS offers the broadest range of reusable packaging products to streamline your entire supply chain.

ocean in mind

Working with the Ocean in Mind

Thanks to our repurposed plastics, ORBIS diverts nearly 1 million pounds of single-use plastic from the world’s oceans.

A Better Way with ORBIS.

A Stronger Partner

Our goal is to collaborate and facilitate a better way for you to move and protect goods in your supply chain. We analyze your business to design and execute an integrated reusable packaging program that increases your efficiency while reducing your environmental impact.

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Automation Industry Featured Image
Automated Systems

Automated systems, combined with reusable packaging, help companies eliminate human error to improve accuracy, productivity, and efficiency to get products into the hands of the consumer more quickly.

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Food Manufacturing Industry Featured Image 1
Food Manufacturing

Get the efficiency and hygienics critical for today’s food plants with a wide range of pallets, totes and bulk packaging to move, store and protect products.

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Bakery Industry Featured Image 2

From ingredients to finished goods, ORBIS helps efficiently store, move and merchandise product in your bakery supply chain.

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Automotive Industry Featured Image 2

Reusable packaging improves flow along automotive supply chains, including launches and operations for OEMs and Tier Suppliers for electric vehicles (EV).

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Agriculture Industry Featured Image

Reliable handling and optimized transportation is made possible with reusable packaging in the agricultural industry. Growers are looking for efficient methods to protect and transport vegetables, seed and fruit during field harvest, in-plant handling, staging and processing.

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