Bulk Merchandising

Today’s retailers are faced with skyrocketing transportation costs, rising labor costs and staffing constraints. Efficiently moving product into the retail environment and creating a memorable shopper experience is critical to reducing operation costs and enhancing brand equity. ORBIS now offers bulk merchandising solutions to meet these needs. The XpressBulk® line is a fully reusable, single touch, retail-ready merchandising system designed for retail deliveries.

This new delivery system is designed to streamline product replenishment in stores. Once at retail, this delivery system is designed for quick unload, reducing reliance on retail staff to unload. In addition, it eliminates off-loading and the need for bulky material handling equipment in a retail setting. Once the system arrives in-store, no additional touches are needed, so retail associates can be reallocated to different areas of the store or to e-commerce program activities.

The XpressBulk can be customized for a wide variety of high velocity grocery items like dairy, bread and bottled water. Please contact your ORBIS sales representative to discuss your application.ORBIS expert designers work with you to determine your protection requirements and design the right metal solution for your application.

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