Kitting Solutions

Custom Kitting Solutions from ORBIS

With the new OpteTote system part suppliers have more flexibility to kit and ship parts into OEMs for efficient line-side part presentation. The system can be fully customized and is comprised of:

Collapsible industrial grade fabric totes that can be configured with divider sets to securely hold and protect parts in transit. These one-piece totes feature attached flip-over covers to protect parts and sewn handles for easy unpacking.

All-plastic, durable sleevepacks hold these customized totes in place, minimizing the need for shrinkwrap.

Plastic mirror image pallets provide a base to create a secure shipping load. These pallets are interchangeable as lids and entire systems are available in a wide variety of footprints to maximize trailer space.

OpteTote systems are packed at part suppliers and shipped to assembly plants, where totes are removed and delivered to line-side flow racks. At the assembly line, parts are picked for vehicle assembly.


– Fully reusable and returnable, with rapid ROI

– Superior pack density with straight-wall design and maximum internal cubic capacity

– Efficient return efficiency , with a 3:1 ratio for collapsed stacks

– Long service life made possible with durable fabric construction

– Flexibility with the ability to customize tote size, partitions, covers, etc.

– Maximized use of trailer space with efficient pallet footprints and double stacking

 – Different colors can be used for easy visual inventory management. After picking, totes easily collapse and are repacked and returned to suppliers for replenishment.

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