ORBIS Corporation believes there is a better way to optimize today’s automotive supply chain, with reusable packaging products and packaging management services. As the North American reusable packaging leader, ORBIS helps world-class OEMs and tier suppliers move parts faster, safer, and more cost-effectively with reusable totes, dunnage, metal racks, bulk containers, and pallets.

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity. According to,  EV sales will account for 29.5% of new car sales by 2030. The move from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicle (EV) motors will be one of the biggest changes the automotive supply chain has ever faced. These changes will have tremendous implications for the packaging needed to move, store and sequence EV batteries and parts.

Due to the way EVs are designed, approximately 100 traditional ICE parts will be eliminated and many others will be altered, according to Automotive News. While it may seem like packaging EV parts would be an easier task without the bulky engine, transmission, exhaust system, fuel tank, and more, the new components unique to an EV can be more complicated to protect and require all new types of packaging. For example, as there’s no need for an engine, EVs can have frunks, or front trunks—a new concept in the world of mainstream cars. Additionally, EVs require battery enclosures to protect batteries from debris and vehicle crashes. It’s new parts like these that will require completely new and customized packaging.

It’s also important to note that EVs use lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), which are classified as dangerous goods. Due to their sensitive nature, these batteries have special handling requirements that impact the packaging used during their transportation and storage. The extensive regulations that come with transporting LIBs also introduce new packaging needs to the supply chain.

What’s more, EVs, especially their batteries, can weigh considerably more than ICE vehicles. As a result, the packaging used to move these heavy parts must be light-weight and collapsible or nestable in nature. Using light-weight plastic packaging that’s also collapsible enables OEMs to load a truck more efficiently. This efficiency means fewer return trips and money saved on freight.

As the automotive industry evolves to produce more electric vehicles, ORBIS is on the forefront designing protective packaging to keep parts moving efficiently in the supply chain.


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