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In many industries, ORBIS leads the implementation of reusable packaging systems that drive supply chain optimization. With industry experience and supply chain knowledge, ORBIS experts use a proven 5-step approach to designing and implementing an effective reusable plastic pallet and container program to meet your requirements. ORBIS Engineering Services experts are available on-site or off-site to seamlessly implement cost-effective reusable packaging programs.

Implementation Services projects can range from one day to one year or more, depending on the application. The goal is to use packaging, engineering, material handling and logistics experience to increase the speed and effectiveness of your implementation. The Engineering Services team can conduct a variety of services that add value to your program.

Packaging ROI calculation

Needs assessment

Cost-benefit Analysis

Right-sizing studies

Inbound/outbound freight analysis

Packaging standards development

Work station analysis

Material flow analysis

Rely on ORBIS’ industry experts to create a product and service program to add system-wide efficiency. In their analysis, they review the following drivers to fully understand what impacts your implementation.

Marketplace trends

Supply chain complexities

Regulatory issues

Supplier relationships

Customer requirements

Labor practices

Transportation standards

Cleanliness requirements

Import/export requirements

Product life cycles

With this understanding, ORBIS is able to recommend, design and implement an effective packaging solution for sustained cost savings.

Program requirements subject to change at any time. Minimum order quantity requirements and other limitations may apply. Please contact your ORBIS Sales Representative for additional information.

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