Recycle with ORBIS

Make a sustainable difference and get credit for your future packaging programs. Return your end-of-life packaging to create new products for your supply chain. By design, reusable packaging can be fully recycled into other useful products at the end of its service life. The Recycle with ORBIS program recovers, recycles and reprocesses end-of-life customer packaging back into useful product and provides an alternative to the disposal of surplus, damaged or obsolete plastic packaging. To facilitate the efficient recovery of material, ORBIS can provide credit toward future packaging.

A Convenient 4-Step Process: 

Identify the type and amount of packaging to be recycled*

Determine a fair market value

Schedule a convenient pick-up

Plan your next packaging program

Typical Materials Accepted:

Crates, baskets and trays

Hand-held totes

Bulk containers

Pallets and divider sheets

Steel racks



* Restrictions may apply. Please contact your ORBIS Sales Representative for program requirements. 

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