Custom Packaging

ORBIS provides the ability to tailor-make solutions to address your distinct packaging objectives. From initial idea through to final production, ORBIS offers extensive design, procedural, and material expertise to develop affordable solutions that satisfy your rigorous packaging standards.

What Sets ORBIS Custom Packaging Apart?

Since each packaging application is different, ORBIS offers the capability to custom design products to meet your specific packaging needs. From concept to production, ORBIS offers a broad range of design, process and material capabilities that result in cost-effective solutions that meet your demanding packaging requirements.

Side-Loading Containers

The side-loading Maximus is ideal for delivering sequenced parts to the line. Replace heavy metal transport racks with this durable, one-piece bulk solution to handle and deliver parts to the line faster than ever. Due to advanced engineering, the rugged Maximus can be prototyped and manufactured much more rapidly than traditional metal racks with pigeon hole dunnage, while exhibiting comparable durability.

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Sliding Dunnage Systems

ORBIS has expanded its line of dunnage solutions for bulk packaging with a new sliding dunnage system. This reusable system is comprised of a frame, multiple rails and hanging fabric dunnage bags. These robust frames are inserted into standard BulkPak® containers and configured with sliding dunnage bags.

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Kitting Solutions

With the OpteTote system, part suppliers have more flexibility to kit and ship parts into OEMs for efficient line-side part presentation.

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Custom Bulk, Totes & Pallets

Add custom features to existing bulk, totes, & pallets for additional functionality.

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Thermoformed Packaging

Durable, recyclable, and returnable. Optimize pack density with a one-piece design.

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EPP Foam Packaging

Superior part protection. Uniquely molded to meet your packaging needs.

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Custom Fabrication Locations

With facilities throughout the U.S. and Mexico, ORBIS offers design, service and support when and where you need it.

Sustainability is at Our Core

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition has defined critieria for sustainable packaging. To meet sustainability requirements, packaging must meet key criteria. Work with ORBIS to help you drive sustainability with reusable packaging.

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