Beverage Crates

Injection-molded in high-density polyethylene, ORBIS Beverage Crates are designed for the distribution of beverage bottles from the bottling facility to grocery stores, convenience stores, discount stores, food service/concession outlets, restaurants, vending machines and hospitals.

All crates are fully compatible with the most popular pallets in use today.

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Beverage Crates Products


Bottle Size


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    BEV 20C

    Size (IN) : 18.5  x  12.3  x  4.6

    BEV 2LC

    Size (IN) : 18.8  x  9.4  x  5.4

    NPL 407

    Size (IN) : 19.1  x  9.5  x  5.3

    NPL 410

    Size (IN) : 15.2  x  11.4  x  5.6

    NPL 412

    Size (IN) : 16.7  x  11.1  x  4.5

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