Primary Packaging

ORBIS Corporation’s sustainable, reusable solutions are used to store and move caps, closures, beverage preforms and blown bottles from supplier to CPGs.

  • Product integrity – These products needs to arrive at fillers in superior condition. Protecting product through the supply chain is critical 
  • Cleanliness – Keeping these products, plants and equipment clean and free of debris is a priority. Making the switch away from fiber corrugated cases eliminates dust, while implementing plastic pallets prevents downtime due to wood chips lodging in equipment. Furthermore, reusables are fully cleanable and often offer ventilated walls and open decks for easy cleaning and fast drying. 
  • Transportation – Due to the lightweight products, more product can be shipped per truck. Standardized, reusable packaging allows more product to fit in standard trucks. 

ORBIS offers a portfolio of reusable cases, totes, pallets, sleeve pack and rigid bulk packaging for use in the primary packaging supply chain.

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Primary Packaging Products




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