Sliding Dunnage Systems

Custom Sliding Dunnage Systems from ORBIS

ORBIS has expanded its line of dunnage solutions for bulk packaging with a new sliding dunnage system, the AdjustaPak. The reusable AdjustaPak is comprised of a frame, multiple rails and hanging fabric dunnage bags. These robust frames are inserted into standard BulkPak containers and configured with sliding dunnage bags.

Versatility – with multiple rail holes. Adjust the number and size of fabric layers needed with multiple rail holes for consistent reuse for future programs.

Easy Slide Technology –  Eliminates rust build up, which degrades sliding performance over time. This creates more consistent sliding throughout the program.

Modular Design  – In the event the host container is damaged, this modular system can be removed and placed into a new container, with no need for container modification. 

Multiple sizes – Available from 48″ x 45 to 78″ x 48″.

The unique rail system resists rust and ensures easy sliding over the life of the system. Due to its multiple rail holes and modular design, heights can be adjusted for dunnage layers based on each unique application and bag sizes can be combined for knitting applications. The industrial sewn fabric bags are designed for rugged use.

– Entire solution stays together, with no layers to remove at the assembly line
– Improved pack density
– Hassle-free part presentation at the line while offering versatility over its service life.  

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