PlastiCorr – Sustainable Brown Box Replacement

PlastiCorrPlasticorr® is the first reusable brown box replacement ideal for applications with closed supply chain loops, including inbound receiving and finished goods to co-pack. PlastiCorr is a direct replacement for corrugated fiber boxes with identical functionality and enhanced features. PlastiCorr’s patented design offers repeatable, reliable performance, while driving efficiencies in the packaging process and providing maximum merchandise protection.
Integrating PlastiCorr into existing automation systems is seamless and is a drop-in replacement for corrugated fiber boxes with numerous benefits:
  • Reusable up to 70 times
  • Enfold™ technology allows box flaps to return to the straight position after each use
  • All-plastic construction is water and moisture resistant for enhanced box durability and merchandise protection
  • Manufacturer’s joint has zero extra thickness to prevent crowning in stacks and offers the ability to bundle without box deformation
  • All edges are sealed to reduce the potential harbor area for contaminants, as well as improved safety and ergonomics
  • High-quality in-line screenprinting for elevated branding and labeling





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