Introducing Plasticorr®, the first reusable packaging solution designed to work in the same automated case packing systems that use fiber corrugated boxes today. Modern-day automated packaging systems have significantly improved production efficiencies and savings to help businesses stay in the lead in their competitive marketplace. Companies can take that savings to the next level.

Plasticorr reusable boxes are designed to hold up to the rigors of multiple trips through your supply chain, so you can replace your annual fiber corrugated box requirement with a smaller fleet of PlastiCorr boxes, resulting in significant benefits:

  • PlastiCorr boxes will last for many cycles through the supply chain, for a compelling ROI
  • PlastiCorr keeps your plant and equipment clean. Its revolutionary plastic design eliminates fiber corrugated dust
  • PlastiCorr offers a significant overall reduction in environmental impact, further decreasing the water and energy used and solid waste created by your box inventory
  • PlastiCorr boxes are a drop-in replacement that work in your existing packaging lines

We have a proven, five-step process for making your supply chain more cost efficient. Today’s leading companies are realizing PlastiCorr® can help them cut unnecessary costs on everything from fuel to utilities. A switch to plastic does not mean choosing between profitability and environmental sustainability. Let us show you the path to improving both. Request an on-site visit below.

Introducing Plasticorr

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