Today’s bakeries provide bread, buns and baked goods to grocery stores, club stores, big box, fast food restaurants and convenience stores.

With decades of experience in the bakery supply chain, the key trends we see include:

  • Sustainability – Moving product from bakeries to the retail aisle and beyond in a more sustainable way is important to today’s bakeries 
  • Automation – Today’s bakeries are highly automated and demand precise trays to interface with equipment 
  • Delivery and merchandising efficiencies – As bakeries work to move product faster and safer, the ability to streamline retail deliveries and reduce touches saves time and money 

ORBIS offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services for every application in the bakery supply chain that drives material handling efficiencies and cost savings. Plastic construction offers dimensional consistency for seamless integration with automated systems. Maximize impact by combining bakery trays with pallets or dollies to quickly stock and merchandise baked goods. Plastic design reduces the risk of dust or wood contamination along with optional FDA-compliant materials available for improved food safety.

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