RPM for Food and Beverage

ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management, helps today’s leading beverage suppliers and fillers experience the benefits of plastic pallet systems, while eliminating the upfront investment and day-to-day complexities of managing, tracking and cleaning.

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Using an industry pool of pallets, layer pads (divider sheets) and top frames, ORBIS reduces return transportation costs by eliminating premium freight associated with packaging stock outs, maximizing return truck utilization and reducing back haul costs.

ORBIS specializes in managing the complexities of transporting, tracking and servicing a pool of packaging materials. In this pool, dunnage is available on a per-trip basis, eliminating the initial investment of purchasing packaging materials.

ORBIS RPM manages the entire process, including demand planning, shipping, tracking, cleaning, sorting, reverse logistics and replenishment. This system gives companies the freedom to focus on core competencies and positively impacts business operationally, financially and environmentally.

Using its industry pool of pallets, layer pads and top frames, ORBIS RPM ensures the right pallet systems are available when and where needed, to avoid system disruptions and transportation expediting charges that can be associated when packaging is not available. From the container manufacturer to the filler and back, ORBIS RPM understands the beverage supply chain and manages packaging assets to meet customer requirements and bring the most value to all supply chain partners.

ORBIS specializes in managing the complexities of transporting, tracking and servicing a pool of packaging materials. In this pool, packaging is available on a per-trip basis, eliminating the initial investment of purchasing packaging materials.

The constant availability of pooled products reduces cost, eliminates system downtime due to packaging shortages and reduces storage requirements.

Reduced packaging costs attributable to:
Longer life cycle – distributing the initial investment to a per trip cost
Improved production process – minimizes equipment downtime due to better compatibility
Less packaging waste – disposal of expendable packaging
Reduced storage requirement – deliver product when needed
Improved packaging scheduling:
Monitors inventory levels via proprietary asset management software
Schedules deliveries based on production plans
Uses logistics expertise to maximize asset utilization
Full management responsibilities
Better risk management:
Reusable plastic packaging has less contamination risk
Improved finished-goods stack ability and ease of handling to increase worker safety
Utilize state-of-the-art wet and dry cleaning technologies that support HACCP requirements.
ORBIS RPM manages its pool to ensure supply chain ease for its customers. Leasing and rental options are also available.

Multiple cleaning options are available with state-of-the-art cleaning technologies that adhere to food-grade and HACCP requirements. Microbiological and non-microbiological processes are available, depending on customer requirements.

ORBIS RPM leads the industry in the cleaning of plastic corrugated and solid sheets, using wet and micro-dry technologies. These technologies conform to HACCP regulations for food grade quality.

Both wet and dry processes adhere to cleanliness specifications for primary packaging used in food and beverage application. The sanitation procedure incorporates the use of proprietary equipment and is continuously controlled in line with HACCP processes to ensure product safety and quality.

The “Wet Cleaning” process offers “commercial sterilization” and is the most effective against a broad spectrum of impurities. Sheets become “industrially sterile” and are cleaner than the product placed on them. Our process qualifies that sheets are free from yeast & mold, Mesophile and E Coli bacterias.

The MicroDry™ cleaning process is effective against superficial dust and contaminants. The ability to employ top-of-the-line washing processes for layer pads to food / beverage standards, distinguishes ORBIS RPM from all others

ORBIS manages all repairs and maintenance of packaging assets in the pool, so you can focus on your core business. This regular preventative maintenance extends the service life of the assets in the industry pool.

ORBIS RPM has the experience and ability to provide plastic pallet and top frame repairs at any one of our service centers. Services include full inspection, acquisition of required repair parts, and complete assembly. We repair quantities ranging from a few items to thousands. All repairs adhere to manufacturer recommended processes.

ORBIS also offers recycling services for obsolete packaging.

With the help of ORBIS RPM, return your assets to a structurally-sound condition and back in service.

ORBIS SmartTrak™ is proprietary asset management software that tracks, manages and provides visibility of reusable packaging assets within our industry pool.With ORBIS SmartTrakTM, RPM can make instant, strategic decisions on how to replenish and move packaging when and where it is needed to add efficiency to the industry pool.

With ORBIS SmartTrak, we have the ability to monitor packaging inventories and have visibility of all reusable packaging inventories, in-transit quantities and all associated transactions. Using proprietary technologies, we see where packaging is needed and move it to the point-of-need, just-in-time to meet demand. The system generates reports and provides proactive notifications of packaging related events.

With this data, we are able to replenish packaging based on actual demand, eliminate disruptions and prevent transportation expedites associated with packaging stock-outs.

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