ESD-Safe Divider Boxes

Add flexibility with dividable containers. Slide-in dividers allow instant container configuration. Multi-purpose stack-only LEWISBins+ ESD-Safe Divider Box Containers can be divided into compartments on 1.25″ centers with easy-to-add dividers. These dividable containers are ideal for use in commercial, industrial, electronics and healthcare markets for storage, assembly, fabrication and distribution applications.

  • Strong stacking ridge and innovative ribbed walls ensures high performance
  • Compatible with many kinds of racking, shelving and material handling equipment
  • Anti-static cardholders available for ESD-Safe identification. ESD-Safe Divider Boxes do not offer molded-in security tie holes.
  • Load capacity of 40 lbs. per container
  • Two optional ESD-Safe Divider Box Covers are available for added product protection

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ESD-Safe Divider Boxes Products


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