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Drive sustainability in your bakery with ORBIS bread trays.

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Bread Trays for Industrial Bread Racks

Drive resilience in your bakery with ORBIS bread trays designed for efficient flow through your supply chain.

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Bakery Trays drive supply chain efficiency

Save space and prevent product damage using plastic trays integrated with automated systems.  ORBIS bread trays extend through the entire manufacturing process, from packaging and delivering to storing on your shelves.

How Our Plastic Bread Trays Work

Bakery trays provide easy transport throughout all of your manufacturing and delivery processes. Whether you need to store bread at your bakery, or transport product orders, our bakery tray baskets can help. From convenience stores and family bakeries to merchandisers and restaurants, the food industry can benefit from our bread tray products.

Durable, easy-to-clean reusable plastic trays are essential for the efficient distribution of baked goods.  The American Bakers Association (ABA) recommends making significant investments in circulating trays. After delivering the baked products, the trays are retrieved and put back into circulation. Maximizing the use of each reusable plastic tray boosts the return on investment and reduces overall supply-chain cost.

Running a business successfully means cutting costs and locating efficiency improvements in every way possible. Our baskets provide the perfect cross-stack storage solution, allowing you to safely ship and deliver products in bulk.   

ORBIS Bread Trays feature compact dimensions designed with intelligent contoured corners, smooth surfaces, and durable nest stack levels.  With ORBIS, your delicate bread and bakery food items will stay safe during all manufacturing steps.

Combine our bread tray products with dollies and plastic pallets to streamline your entire manufacturing process!   Our shelves can stick with your goods throughout the entire process. ORBIS dollies, pallets, and bread trays allow you to quickly and securely transport, store, and ship all of your products..

Why Choose Our Bread Tray Selection?

Our trays feature the following benefits:

●     Locking designs: Each tray features an interlocking design that locks and stacks together for ideal security during transport.

●     Low entry walls:  Each tray has two-way low entry walls where you can reach bakery goods.

●     Comfortable handles: Our stacks come with two and four-way comfortable grip handles for maximum loading convenience.

●     Ideal airflow: You’ll find the open-grid sides and bottoms offer ideal airflow, letting bakery goods breathe and stay fresh.

●     Compact designs: Our tray designs offer smooth surfaces that stack together efficiently.   The cube shape will allow you to take advantage of full trailer loads.

●     Flexible material options: We offer a variety of material and profile options including FDA-compliant options upon request. Our high-quality materials will not mold or corrode after years of use. The strong, high-quality trays are freezer-safe down to -20 degrees and heat-safe up to 120 degrees.

●     Compatible Systems:: All trays are compatible with automated systems, including our dollies.

●     Recyclable materials: You can recycle 100% of the materials for each tray once they reach the end of their lifespan.

●     Recyclable materials: Explore our ORBIS bread trays below to find a product that matches your bakery’s needs. Contact ORBIS TODAY and request a quote for your order.

ORBIS Bread Trays for Industrial Bread Racks

Drive resilience in your bakery with ORBIS bread trays designed for efficient flow through your supply chain.

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