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ORBIS plastic pallets facilitate the efficient handling, storing, and displaying of product materials.

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Industrial Pallets for a Sustainable Supply Chain

ORBIS manufactures reusable pallets in all standard sizes to help companies across industries develop sustainable supply chains.

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ORBIS pallets made from high-quality plastic materials suit product handling and shipping processes in a variety of industries, from agriculture, food, and beverage, to e-commerce and retail distribution. Companies wanting to replace old wood pallets or invest in new nestable, stackable, or rackable solutions will find the pallets they need at ORBIS.

Our customers choose from the most comprehensive pallet selection in the market, from modular pallets to solid-deck four-way pallet solutions with steel reinforcements. Our pallets provide durable and stable product handling for efficient picking, assembly, storage, and distribution.

Benefits of ORBIS Plastic Pallets

Any business can benefit from investing in pallets made from recycled plastics, which last 15 times longer than inferior wood pallets. Gaining the ability to reuse and recycle pallets can help your company cut costs, save space, reduce waste, and lessen environmental impact.

Traditional wood pallets may cost less than plastic pallets, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. Recycled pallets boast superior durability, cleanliness, safety, versatility, and environmental friendliness.

Pallet Durability

Even new wood pallets can’t offer the same durability as reusable pallets. A wood pallet will splinter, warp, crack, and rot over time due to use in wet environments, impacts from forklifts and pallet jacks, and loosening hardware.

ORBIS pallets last through hundreds of cycles in various climates and settings, from assembly and warehousing to shipping and export. We use non-porous, high-quality materials that aren’t susceptible to water damage or shrinkage and provide consistent and accurate dimensions and load capacities.

Pallet Cleanliness

Adopting an ORBIS pallet system allows your company to avoid ISPM-15 regulations. Unlike wood, our pallets don’t attract pests and pathogens that threaten the quality of food, beverages, and other potentially vulnerable products.

ORBIS pallets are ideal in environments that require maximum sanitation, as they come clean easily. Facilities can sanitize a reusable pallet using a hot wash, steam, or chemical process unsuitable for less durable wood.

Product and Worker Safety

Wood pallets create safety concerns as they deteriorate, threatening workers and product quality. Transitioning to ORBIS pallets protects products and people from sharp edges, splinters, loose fasteners, protruding nails, mold, and bacteria.

Our pallets also weigh less than traditional wood pallets, making them easier to move and stack without risking injuries.

Pallet Versatility

ORBIS offers stackable, rackable, nestable, and modular pallets in standard and custom sizes. ORBIS can help you find or customize a space-efficient reusable pallet system that suits your industry, be that pharmaceutical, automotive, or retail merchandising. Whether you need a stackable flow-through block pallet system for static storage or two-way solid deck pallets for efficient management of dairy products, ORBIS has you covered.

Environmental Friendliness

ORBIS’s parent company Menasha Corporation has manufactured pallets using plastics since the early 1970s. What began as a way to address cost, efficiency, and durability concerns has evolved into a commitment to environmental sustainability. Because ORBIS pallets can be used long-term and recycled, they’re essential for an environmentally friendly packaging process.

Replace Wooden Pallets With Wholesale Pallets From ORBIS

ORBIS can help you integrate a customized packaging program to transition from wood pallets and single-use systems to reusable packaging solutions. We have dozens of ready-made pallets available and offer customized pallet services.

Call the ORBIS sales team at 800-890-7292 to learn how your business can benefit from ORBIS pallets and other reusable packaging systems.

ORBIS Odyssey Rackable Pallet

Get ready for innovation at its best. Check out the 40 x 48 Odyssey® Pallet designed to hold 2,800+ lbs in unsupported racking. The rackable Odyssey pallet is designed with performance in mind.

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