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ORBIS plastic containers, plastic totes and handheld containers will improve efficiency throughout your supply chain.

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Plastic Containers for a Wide Variety of Applications

Protect your products and optimize efficiency throughout your supply chain with plastic containers from ORBIS.

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Companies across industries replace single-use boxes and cases with our comprehensive plastic storage solutions.

Plastic Storage Containers for Applications Across Industries

ORBIS manufactures a wide range of handheld plastic storage containers for many different industries and applications. We help companies across multiple industries replace single-use packaging with sustainable plastic alternatives.  Our customers include food and beverage, pharma, retail distribution centers, automotive, and many others.   Our plastic storage containers provide reusable packaging solutions that protect products during transport while preventing excess waste.

ORBIS can help your organization reduce long-term packaging costs and create a more sustainable supply chain.  Replacing single-use containers and cases with reusable and recyclable plastic storage boxes is a great way to start.   

Whatever your needs, we’ve got them covered.  From stackable plastic containers to flip-lid totes, we have the plastic storage container system you’re looking for.  ORBIS offers both ready-made and customized plastic storage solutions.

Industrial Storage – Nestable and Stackable Plastic Containers

Plastic containers from ORBIS offer nestable and stackable storage options to meet diverse picking, storage, assembly, shipping, processing, and distribution needs. Our nestable and stackable plastic storage containers help companies save space for economical shipping and backhauling.

Our selection of stacking and nesting bins provides reusable and reliable portable storage for many industries.   From poultry, produce, and bakery to automotive, electronics, and aerospace, ORBIS has a plastic container solution.   Select any plastic container dimension or let our team construct custom plastic containers at the exact size you need.

ORBIS plastic storage containers use optional covers, so you can stack your boxes and totes however you need with equal stability.   Our injection molding process and sturdy designs ensure durable plastic storage products that last through hundreds of trips.

Our storage container designs include integrated handles, so workers can quickly move bins around the workspace. If your application requires a lot of manual lifting,we’ve got a solution.   Try the lightweight ORBIS StakPak Plus system with built-in handles.

Discuss your needs with our sales team to find the perfect nestable and stackable plastic containers for your application. We’ll help you identify the most efficient and effective solutions for your needs. ORBIS designs customized systems to help you assemble, process, store, and distribute goods efficiently.

Collapsible Plastic Storage Boxes and Storage Totes

Collapsible plastic bins by ORBIS help a variety of brands save space, improve material handling efficiency, and reduce shipping costs. These plastic storage containers use straight-wall designs for consistent space availability and product layering. If you manufacture fragile products, these boxes accommodate the dunnage you need to protect large and small items throughout transport.

You can assemble or fold down our collapsible storage containers in three seconds for a highly efficient and portable reusable container. You can also use these plastic containers with our non-folding boxes because they stack with our straight-wall StakPak models.

We offer collapsible plastic storage boxes in various sizes.   All our plastic storage containers are designed to fit on standard AIAG pallets. From food product distribution to sustainable warehouse storage solutions, our collapsible boxes may provide the container system you need.

Beverage Crates, Dairy Cases, and Bakery Trays

The broad selection of plastic containers here at ORBIS includes all the storage tools you need. Our carefully designed plastic packaging systems feature contoured corners and standard sizes to prevent product damage throughout the supply chain.

We offer various beverage crates for the secure and efficient distribution of glass or plastic bottles. From crates for 390/500-ml plastic bottles, 20-ounce bottles, one-liter bottles or two-liter bottles, we’ve got a solution.

ORBIS Dairy Cases facilitate the efficient distribution of milk and fruit juice products from processing plants to retail stores. Dairy processing facilities can rely on these heavy-duty cases to maintain their shapes and strength through transportation and pressure washing.

Bread and other baked goods require sturdy bakery trays to ensure efficient and safe transport. Destinations include grocery stores, restaurants, and other outlets. We offer many bakery trays, including break baskets, rack trays, and more options. 

Our trays stack for secure storage and transport when full.   They also nest to save space in trucks and storage areas when empty.

Agricultural and Meat Containers

ORBIS offers agricultural and meat storage containers for sustainable storage and transportation. Production operations and wholesale distributors use our plastic containers to pack and protect fruits, vegetables, plants, meat, poultry, and seafood. Keep meat items chilled with ventilated plastic boxes, or protect plants and nursery products from impacts during transportation.

We offer many styles of meat containers to provide effective handling at any stage in the supply chain.

Plastic Container Accessories

ORBIS can help you organize and track items using various plastic storage container accessories. ORBIS storage containers may include the following options:

  • Textured or smooth bottoms
  • Reinforced or vented bottoms
  • Vented or solid sidewalls
  • Hot stamp identifiers
  • Molded-in logo identifiers
  • Clear plastic cardholders
  • Removable label placards
  • RFID labels

Identification options vary per product, depending on the plastics used, the container design, and other factors. Our plastic storage solutions are also compatible with nestable, stackable, flat-deck, and mobile pallets with wheels. Click on one of our plastic storage containers to discover the product’s options.

Buy Bulk Plastic Containers Wholesale at ORBIS

Whatever your reusable packaging goals, ORBIS has a solution.   We offer sustainable systems to pack, store, and distribute your products.  ORBIS provides brands with durable and convenient bulk plastic totes. We’ll help you reduce packaging costs, decrease environmental impact, and streamline your supply chains.

We help optimize storage warehouses and automated product handling systems with plastic storage options. We also help store and transport your items safely using innovative products. Each plastic box from ORBIS can be recycled at the end of its lifespan for a sustainable storage and packaging solution. Discuss your plastic storage needs with the ORBIS team to discover the ideal industrial plastic containers for your industry and application.

ORBIS Stackable Straight Wall Plastic Containers

Check out how the StakPak Plus uses permanent collars to add container capacity. The StakPak Plus takes all the best attributes of the standard StakPak, including reusability and cost savings, and combines them with collars to increase container capacity.

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