Plastic Pallets

ORBIS is a plastic pallet manufacturer offering all types of high quality plastic pallets for sale.  Our solutions cover all standard pallet dimensions. If you’re in the market to buy pallets for industrial shipping and materials transfer, ORBIS has the answer!.
We also offer shipping pallets in all standard pallet sizes, designed for every product or service imaginable. ORBIS designs custom pallet solutions for moving, storing or displaying products at every point along your supply chain! 
The Convoy® line from ORBIS will cut costs and reduce waste throughout your supply chain while keeping plants clean. ORBIS products are in stock and ready to ship. Contact us today to get started!

The new 40 x 48 Odyssey® HD Open Deck Pallet is a robust, durable plastic pallet solution that supports heavy loads.  Odyssey provides load stability with unique design features, including optional steel reinforcements and permanent molded-in frictional elements. 
ORBIS plastic pallets protect your product during picking, assembly, processing, storage and distribution in a wide variety of industries including food and beverage, primary packaging, retail distribution, automotive, pharmaceutical, and many others. Plastic pallets are an economic, environmental and efficient alternative to wood pallets or skids. 
With the most comprehensive selection of styles and footprints, ORBIS has the largest offering of plastic pallets in the industry.   If you’re making the transition from wood pallets, you’ve come to the right place.    

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Plastic vs. Wood Pallets