Fabric/Textile Materials

Dunnage_Fabric_Bulk.jpgWith one of the largest textile processing plants in South Carolina and our state-of-the-art sewing facility in Central Mexico, ORBIS specializes in fabric/textile dunnage. ORBIShield industrial fabric divider sets are used to accommodate oddly-shaped or Class A surface parts. Also used for lids for hand-held totes to protect parts from dust and contaminants, as well as curtains for side-loading Maximus containers.

Fabric/textile dunnage is industrial strength and skillfully sewn. The flexibility of the materials offers improved nesting of parts versus rigid dividers. With its ability to protect parts of various sizes, complex geometry, and Class-A surfaces, fabric has been used for years in a wide range of returnable packaging applications including plastic StakPak®, BulkPak®, side-loading Maximus® containers and metal racks. Fabric can be designed for collapsibility to fit in the bottoms of containers to condense loads and reduce return freight costs.


  • PVC Fabric: Dual finish, 13 oz and 22 oz, Color: Grey
  • Curtain Fabric: Dual finish, 13 oz and 18 oz, Standard colors: Clear (with scrim)
  • Tyvek: 5.4 oz, Standard color: White
  • Brushed Fabric: 
    • Single 11 oz., Standard color: Blue/Grey
    • Dual 14 oz., Standard color: Blue.
  • Headliner Fabric: 
    • Single finish. Standard color: Grey/Grey.
    • Dual finish. Standard color: Grey

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ORBIShield - Fabric Dunnage Capabilities

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