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ORBIS Corporation understands plastic reusable packaging better than anyone and offers a wide variety of services to accelerate the return on your packaging investment and add efficiency to your supply chain. ORBIS specializes in offering the services, technology, expertise, processes and infrastructure to create and then manage a sustainable reusable packaging program, so you can focus on your business. 

In today’s complex supply chains, it is critical that packaging is available when and where you need it. ORBIS Reusable Packaging Management (RPM) Services significantly cuts the time and effort needed to track, retrieve, clean and inventory packaging assets in a wide variety of industries including industrial, food, beverage and consumer goods. Learn more at:

ORBIS RPM for Assembly Manufacturing
ORBIS RPM for Beverage (formerly CORBI)

ORBIS RPM manages all types of reusable packaging, from containers/dunnage to pallet systems to metal racks. As the leading manufacturer of reusable plastic containers, pallets and dunnage, ORBIS leverages experience across multiple industries to deliver value and maximize ROI on reusable packaging.


ORBIS’ Implementation Services helps world-class companies select the right packaging and fully implement their packaging program. With industry experience and supply chain knowledge, ORBIS experts use a proven approach to designing and implementing an effective reusable plastic pallet and container program to meet your requirements. ORBIS Engineering Services experts are available on-site or off-site to seamlessly implement cost-effective reusable packaging programs. The goal is to use packaging, engineering, material handling and logistics experience to increase the speed and effectiveness of your implementation. 

ORBIS experts use their packaging, engineering, material handling and logistics expertise to increase the speed and effectiveness of  reusable packaging programs. 


*Program requirements subject to change at any time. Minimum order quantity requirements and other limitations may apply. Please contact your ORBIS Sales Representative for additional information.