6 Benefits of Collapsible Handheld Containers in the Shipping Industry

Your business may not have put much thought into the containers you use to ship and receive items. But if you’re trying to save money and streamline your processes, you’ll look for the most efficient and cost-effective solution for every step in the supply chain. Optimizing your storage and shipping containers can produce significant benefits for your company. 

Many businesses have already begun switching from traditional packaging to collapsible shipping crates. Here are the top six benefits of collapsible handheld containers. 

You’ll Waste Less Space 

Storage space is crucial in your shipping and receiving processes. The more storage space you have during transport, the more items you can ship in one load, and the more money you can save on shipping costs. And the more warehouse space you have, the more materials you’ll be able to keep on hand at a given time. 

Collapsible containers are designed to save space both while in transit and in the warehouse. These containers have uniform dimensions that make them easy to stack together. Plus, once they arrive at the warehouse and you unpack the items inside, foldable containers have the unique benefits of folding down into a fraction of their original size for storage. They store easily and promote significant space savings in the warehouse. 

Collapsible Containers Have Impressive Capacities 

Collapsible plastic containers may fold down small, but don’t let their shrinking abilities fool you. These containers can hold an impressive amount of equipment and material in many sizes and shapes. 

You can choose from a wide range of dimensions or even order custom sizes, depending on your unique storage needs. Adjusting the width and height of your collapsible containers can optimize their capacities for your specific materials and equipment. You can also order containers in different sizes to account for the varying shapes and dimensions of the equipment you need to transport. 

You Can Easily Install Multi-Layer Dunnage 

Another one of the key features of a collapsible handheld container is its expert design. Collapsible storage containers feature straight-wall designs and consistent dimensions that make organizing inventory a breeze. 

If you need to stack multiple layers in a single container, you can easily install and remove dunnage in each layer to protect individual units. Their dimensions enable you to optimize the amount of inventory stored in each container. 

Collapsible Plastic Containers Lower Shipping and Storage Costs 

Switching to collapsible containers won’t just save you time; it’ll also save you money. These storage containers are cost-effective solutions that can lower your shipping and storage costs. 

During transit, these plastic containers give you a level of assurance knowing that they will adequately protect the items you’re transporting. Because they’re reusable, you won’t need to buy new containers with every shipment. Plastic is also lighter than other containers, allowing you to ship units for less money. 

But using a collapsible container strategy can also save you money on storage costs. You’ll be able to store more boxes in your depository or storage unit while not in use, potentially decreasing the cost of additional storage areas. 

Collapsible Totes Are Reusable Shipping Solutions 

Another main benefit of collapsible handheld containers is their environmental friendliness. Your business can reuse these storage boxes for years, saving a significant amount of money and reducing your environmental impact. 

While cardboard is generally a recyclable material, cardboard boxes cannot be reused nearly as many times as plastic ones. Your business may end up throwing away old cardboard in the interest of time and storage. 

But collapsible handheld containers are easy to assemble and disassemble when you need to. Reusing these storage units will save your business time, reduce waste, and produce environmental benefits. 

Plastic Collapsible Totes Offer Greater Durability Than Traditional Materials 

Protecting your equipment in transit is a necessary step in reducing transportation costs and overhead. Thankfully, plastic containers are more durable than typical containers made from cardboard or wood. 

These durable containers will stay in perfect condition throughout years of use, daily wear and tear, and frequent jostling, shoving, and mistreatment. They don’t fold down until you intentionally collapse them; while in use, you can trust that these boxes will keep their shape and structure. 

By maintaining their durability, foldable containers will also protect the items inside better than traditional shipping containers. You won’t have to worry about broken and lost inventory with these protective vessels. 

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Final Thoughts 

Collapsible reusable containers are an ideal solution for numerous businesses and industries looking to cut costs and streamline their shipping and storage processes. Businesses in the food, beverage, retail, and automotive industries especially benefit from the convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of these innovative containers. 

At ORBIS, we offer durable collapsible containers in various sizes to accommodate your business’s needs. Request a quote today to learn the benefits of collapsible handheld containers for your business. Also, check out our custom dunnage solutions to elevate your shipment, assembly, and storage processes.