Harvest Storage Reinvented: How Bulk Bins Are Transforming Agricultural Practices

Agricultural operators, both large and small, are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their growing and harvesting practices. Picking fruits and vegetables at the right time and storing them increases stock and sales. But many agricultural companies lack the storage solutions necessary to optimize harvesting. 

Bulk bins are ideal solutions for harvest storage and transportation. Learn more about bulk bins and how they’re transforming agricultural practices. 

What Are Bulk Bins? 

Bulk bins are large, diverse storage and shipping solutions that a wide range of industries incorporate into their sales and distribution processes. They come in various dimensions, allowing companies to choose the product best suited for the items they need to store and ship. 

The Benefits of Bulk Bins in Harvest Storage and Production 

Bulk bins offer many benefits for harvest storage, shipping, and preservation, including the following: 

Reduce Crop Damage 

Crop damage is a major issue in the agricultural industry, and the harvest stage is where a significant percentage of loss occurs. Developing an optimal harvest strategy to eliminate spoilage can help agricultural companies prevent loss and maximize profitability. 

Bulk containers reduce crop damage in the form of spoilage by preventing delays within the harvest process. Workers can store large amounts of produce in these containers, allowing them to pick crops rapidly and speed up operations. 

Agricultural companies can choose bulk containers to suit their storage needs. These crates typically hold 100-200 pounds and come in wide-ranging dimensions. 

Streamline Operations 

Bulk storage allows for faster transportation of fruits and vegetables between the field and the warehouse. Workers don’t need to spend time assembling or breaking down cardboard boxes to get ready for storage. 

Additionally, bulk bins have versatile uses throughout the crop production process. Workers can transport these crates, pack fruits and vegetables into the bins, move them to the packing house, and gently empty crops onto storing lines without needing to transfer them into different containers. 

Improve Storage and Preservation 

While a quick harvest process is important for minimizing crop loss, agricultural companies must often store produce long-term in their warehouses or while transporting them to distant locations. Bulk bins allow for more reliable harvest storage and preservation than other types of storage solutions. 

You can find bulk container storage solutions in a wide range of designs and materials, and many are designed for harvest storage. They have exceptional moisture resistance and ventilation, helping crops stay ripe longer than they would in other types of crates. They are also easy to label to promote better organization. 

Store More Products 

Bulk bins often use stackable designs that allow farmers to store more bins in the warehouse. You can stack several of these storage solutions on top of each other, clearing up floor space. When they aren’t storing items, you can collapse them to save even more space in your warehouse. 

Plastic Bulk Bin Storage vs. Wooden Crates or Cardboard 

Incorporating bulk bin solutions into your harvest storage strategy can be highly beneficial. But choosing the right material for your storage bins is important for optimizing storage and preventing crop loss. 

While agricultural companies have used wooden crates and cardboard boxes for some time, many are making the switch to plastic bulk storage. Plastic crates are resistant to impact, moisture, and other forms of damage. These crates last much longer than cardboard and wood, with an average lifespan of three years. 

Plastic harvest storage is more hygienic than wood and cardboard. Plastic is also easy to clean and sanitize and resists rot, bacteria, and decay, promoting the safety of the food products inside. 

Manufacturers design plastic crates for optimal ventilation, including built-in ventilation slots that allow air to circulate through the crates. Wood and cardboard harvest storage solutions generally don’t have this feature. 

If your agricultural company is in the market for bulk bins, consider plastic to further enhance your harvest storage process. 

ORBIS Corporation: Your Go-To Partner for Harvest Storage 

At ORBIS Corporation, we’re committed to optimizing and embracing the supply chain across many industries. 

Our plastic bulk bins are optimal for storing and transporting a variety of products and can seamlessly fit into your harvest storage procedures. We offer numerous other sustainable packaging solutions to enhance your operations. 

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